Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing: 1 Hr

Axe Lanes

The Axe Pit consists of four throwing lanes 20 feet long, each with a single target. Up to six people can play on a single target at a time. The duration of an axe throwing session is 1 hour starting on the hour, this includes the 5 minutes before and after the session for preparation and cleanup respectively.


The Pit provides all necessary equipment including the axes. The only clothing requirement is closed toed shoes - which are available for rent at the desk for $2.00. Other than that - it is recommended you wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in.

Safety & Rules

A signed safety waiver is mandatory for participation in all (non-arcade) activities at The Pit Indoor Kart Racing, and our Axe Pit is no exception. We encourage you to visit our Safety Waivers & Rules page for further information. Our axe throwing age minimum is 12 years old, and all participants 18+ must have documentation (such as a drivers licence) to verify age. Below are the ground rules for our Axe Pit, anyone in violation of these rules or are perceived to be acting dangerously by Pit Staff will be prohibited from axe throwing.

  • Close toe shoes are required.
  • Only 1 person (other than Coach) are permitted in each axe lane at any given time.
  • Two-Handed and One-Handed throws are permitted as the axe coach teaches them.
  • Thrower must start with at least one foot in the throwing square.
  • Do not touch the axe blade. It’s sharp.
  • Do not try to catch the axe if it bounces back. Run away!
  • Do not twirl or play with the axe. No showboating or horse play.
  • Do not touch the fence.
  • Axe must be placed in the axe box, head down before exiting lane. Do not hand axe to someone else.
  • Never remove an axe from the lane.
  • Intoxicated throwers are prohibited.
  • Participants must be 12+ years of age. Throwers under 16 years old must have an adult(18+) present at the Axe Pit in order to participate.

If you are not following the safety rules, we reserve the right to terminate your experience without refund.

Booking & Reservations

Interested in our Axe Pit? Click the link below or call us to book your lane! Booking an available lane can be done as late as three hours in advance if you’re feeling spontaneous, or as early a seven days out.

Plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your start time. Smaller groups may be combined with others. All participants will need to complete a safety waiver, check in, and pay the balance before beginning. Please be aware that if your party arrives after your scheduled booking time begins, you will have the remaining time booked initially to play, time does not extend beyond the original booking date and refunds will not be issued for lost time.

Online reservations are non-refundable. If cancelled 48 hours in advance credit will be given to future use on any of our activities.

      What do I get?

    • 1 Hour of Axe Throwing

    Schedule ( 1h 30m )


    30 Minutes Prior to Activity Start

    Axe Throwing

    60 Minutes of Fun

    Why The Pit Indoor Kart Racing?

    • North Carolina’s premier entertainment facility
    • 140,00 square feet of fun!
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    • FREE Wi-Fi
    • Family Friendly
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